Shamba brings Expert Geospatial and Remote Sensing to OFP

Shamba is a geospatial and information technology company based in Kenya — an oracle for environmental data. Shamba focuses primarily on the real-world applications of Web 3, using their software and analytics to build decentralized applications pertaining to climate data and environmental stewardship. In that regard, its core staff consists of experts in geospatial analysis and software development, who seek to simplify the complexity of remote sensing measurements in a Web 3 environment. In doing so, Shamba will grow the Web 3 ecosystem as developers will be able to focus more time on use cases of their technology, rather than on the complexity of hosting on chain data. The firm is extremely well versed in their niche, and have worked with over 30 satellite data sets from global space agencies.

As an OFP validator, Shamba will use their expertise in geospatial systems analytics and remote sensing technologies to ensure forest projects around the world benefit from the most technologically advanced validation methods. The recent success stories from the firm are proof that it is up to the task — Shamba was the first company to launch a specialized geospatial oracle on the Chainlink network, and seeks to expand across the Web 3 space. It is currently in the process of racking up partnerships with some of the biggest smart contract blockchains including Ethereum, Cosmos and NEAR Protocol.

Notably, this kind of experience is necessary for forest project validation, a point that has not gone unnoticed by the founder of Shamba, who shared his excitement to contribute to a noble course.

“Forests are the lungs of the planet, and Shamba is excited to be partnering with OFP to protect this most vital of resources.” Kennedy Ng’ang’a, Shamba

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Blockchain platform for next generation forest projects. Transparently measure, report, and verify the entire life cycle of trees.

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Open Forest Protocol

Open Forest Protocol

Blockchain platform for next generation forest projects. Transparently measure, report, and verify the entire life cycle of trees.

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