Open Forest Protocol partners with Solid World DAO to build robust and accessible support solutions for remote projects

We have an evergreen thing for DAOs that actionably care about the climate challenge

Large-scale commitments are required for climate change to be less of an uphill battle than it already is. Whether through the input of human or financial efforts, reducing emissions and adapting to the modern day human footprint on nature demands a consistent and tremendous investment. Climate projects and solutions are stalled by a lack of support and carbon financing due to the current carbon market environment being bottlenecked by centralization, inaccessibility, and an inability to scale. OFP is tackling this by building a transparent Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) solution via a decentralized, highly scalable open platform that can affordably and quickly verify carbon data for climate projects anywhere in the world. This transparent and accessible way of verifying carbon opens up possibilities and opportunities for these projects, including carbon financing.

Enter Solid World DAO!

Solid World DAO delivers creative organization-scale solutions for actors with carbon sequestration solutions who do not have sufficient support. Building a new innovative standard to verify carbon and open projects to carbon market opportunities requires resources. In keeping with a disruptive approach, OFP will partner with Solid World DAO to build a one-of-a-kind infrastructure to de-risk and generate action-oriented attention and support around projects within OFP’s Project Operator network.

As part of the energy around the partnership, Solid World DAO and OFP hosted a Twitter Spaces event that touched on the challenges of the current carbon market scene, how OFP is pioneering a game-changing solution, and Solid Word DAO’s vital role.

“Getting MRV right is an important piece of scaling and legitimizing on-chain carbon markets, and OFP is taking a huge step by developing open-source MRV solutions. We’re looking forward to working together to bring more transparency to forestry.”- Rez, Head of Protocol for Solid World DAO

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