Open Forest Protocol Does NEARCON 2021: Highlights

Open Forest Protocol made an appearance at the first annual NEARCON event in Lisbon. The purpose of the conference was to bring together the community of entrepreneurs, guild members, developers, and enthusiasts under one roof for a 2-day expo of all things NEAR. The team was busy giving talks, attending panels, and hyping our guild. The following is a quick run-down of our experience in Lisbon.

OFP Onstage

On the first day, CEO Frederic Fournier gave a talk on the main stage titled Bridging Climate and Blockchain. In the presentation, which can be viewed here, Fred outlined how OFP is using blockchain to mobilize the global forest-based climate movement. Fred also summarized why OFP made the decision to build on NEAR:

To make it simple, I would say the following: usability, values, and people. Usability means crypto can finally speak to industries not familiar with crypto jargon or crypto processes. Values relate to the mission and vision of near: in particular the building of a product for the benefits of others, and not solely for the profit. And finally, people.

On the second day, Fred was featured as a panelist in the climate panel discussion, Climate, Crypto, and the Promise of Sustainability in Web3: Where can we go from here? He joined Emiliano Gutierrez (Raiz Veritical Farms), Yessin Sheigg (NEAR core), and Wouter Crul (Southpole), to discuss the future of sustainable enterprise on NEAR protocol. When asked about the potential for carbon markets as a mechanism for scaling nature-based solutions, Fred highlighted the problem OFP was built to resolve. He said,

The voluntary carbon market is a market that is difficult to navigate- bringing transparency is the key element to driving change. People can now decide what they want to do with their money and where to invest it.

OFP Corpsemen

While Fred was onstage, Corpseman Jack was busy carrying out some grassroots recruiting. The Corpsmen Guild, the “deep crypto” manifestation of the Open Forest Protocol, is responsible for sharing information about the protocol within the NEAR ecosystem. As usual, the Corpsemen were busy building excitement around the future of refi in the NEAR ecosystem, sharing OFP swag and building anticipation around the upcoming $OPN token launch.

Two pioneers in the NEAR ecosystem stop for a picture with an adoring fan.

The OFP team left NEARCON feeling bullish on the future of our project. We were approached by numerous NEAR community members expressing enthusiastic support for the platform’s first climate project. The NEAR community’s commitment to a climate-friendly web3 reaffirmed our decision to build on the world’s first carbon neutral blockchain. Most importantly, NEARCON gave us some positive momentum going into our appearance at Glasgow for COP26. Join us on twitter tomorrow to learn more at our COP26 recap.




Blockchain platform for next generation forest projects. Transparently measure, report, and verify the entire life cycle of trees.

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Open Forest Protocol

Open Forest Protocol

Blockchain platform for next generation forest projects. Transparently measure, report, and verify the entire life cycle of trees.

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