OFP does the XV World Forest Congress

The event theme was already a win for OFP

The theme of the XV World Forest Congress was an auspicious start for OFP’s focus on Nature-based Solutions (NbS) as the most practical approach to climate change.

  • Sub-theme 1 — Turning the tide: reversing deforestation and forest degradation
  • Sub-theme 2 — Nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation and biodiversity conservation
  • Sub-theme 3 — The green pathway to growth and sustainability
  • Sub-theme 4 — Forests and human health: revisiting the connections
  • Sub-theme 5 — Managing and communicating forest information, data, and knowledge
  • Sub-theme 6 — Forests without boundaries: enhancing management and cooperation


Equipped with a QR code to an OFP information hub, it was easy to spot our user-friendly and tech-ed-out booth. The team got a plethora of attention, including positive contacts with government representatives and ministers. Representatives from Fiji, Korea, and Nepal made a pit stop, as well as representatives of the Cameroonian government, Kenya, and Ivory Coast.

Exposure & Expanding the Project Operator and Validators Network

We were thrilled to run into some existing OFP Project Operators and Validators of the OFP network, including Green Balam and Bondy Earth.

OFP is in the eye of the global discourse and is ahead of the curve — Nature-based Solutions as the way forward

Subtheme #2 of the Congress was on Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation. 2022 is highlighted as a key year for the acceleration and delivery of forest pledges, and NbS are the most viable approach to adopt because of their inclusivity, cheaper economic and environmental cost, high sustainability, and high integrability within existing or future systems. OFP’s avant-garde NbS infrastructure will support and evolve alongside the world’s ever-changing technological and political landscape.

OFP’s Transparent MRV is pioneering: Open-source reporting of forest data is crucial to global synchrony

The 5th Subtheme was on managing and communicating forest information, data and knowledge. One of the biggest unanimity amongst actors was the importance and a need for a more open and transparent reporting of forest data and how it plays into the credibility and consistency of data, which are vital to carbon financing opportunities for projects and initiatives.

General impressions and takeaways

Financing and decisive action were heavily discussed as two lacunae in the fight against climate change. As the Congress drew to a close, efficient and streamlined measures to navigate these shortcomings were set as priority. As a highly scalable, trustless, and cost-effective actor, OFP is the perfect tool to drive home action and close these gaps.



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