Natural Green Farmtech Uses OFP’s MRV for Commercial Tree Planting

Natural Green Farmtech is a sustainable seed financing company operating in Kenya and Uganda. The company started as a tree nursery business back in 2015. After assessing the economic climate of the business, which had by then attracted several new entrants, Natural Green Farmtech opted to differentiate itself in the market. From 2020 onwards, the company began offering extension services and seed financing to farmers as well as planting and caring for commercial trees on their behalf. Adopting a value chain approach, the company targets food crops with a ready market and viable commercial potential.

Farmers pay a fee for the extension and seed financing services by Natural Green Farmtech, but only after agreed outcomes are achieved. It is noted that planting commercial trees on behalf of farmers is not enough to extract their earning potential. Beyond that, the company ensures that a real market for the venture exists before commencing any planting exercise to guarantee farmer incomes. Farmers only pay the company once they realize the mentioned incomes, making the business model self-sustaining.

Joining OFP, Natural Green Farmtech notes the vitality of measuring, reporting, and verifying its commercial tree plantations. It ensures the firm has accurate data that it can rely on to manage its farming and planting operations. On the other hand, farmers benefit from increased transparency and accountability, making them more open to adopting business models that improve the environment while providing a decent income sustainably. OFP online tools will ensure that Natural Greentech and its over 200 farmers conveniently enjoy these benefits over online platforms.

Expressing this excitement, Natural Green Farmtech notes

“Fruit cultivation, with proper management & marketing can be very profitable both to the farmer and the environment” Edwin Mayieka

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Blockchain platform for next generation forest projects. Transparently measure, report, and verify the entire life cycle of trees.

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Open Forest Protocol

Open Forest Protocol

Blockchain platform for next generation forest projects. Transparently measure, report, and verify the entire life cycle of trees.

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