Kisampa Conservancy Uses OFP for Community-Driven Conservation in Eastern Tanzania

Measuring, reporting, and verifying (henceforth MRV) data for a forestation project today is a costly endeavor. The core mission of Open Forest Protocol (OFP) is to make forest data MRV more accessible, affordable, and transparent for project operators around the world. One of the very first forest projects to utilize OFP for this very reason is Kisampa Conservancy: a local, community-driven effort to conserve tree diversity and rewild degraded land in Eastern Tanzania.

Kisampa is a 60 square kilometre private community conservancy set in a pristine, wild area in Coastal Tanzania in the Bagamoyo district. Founded in 2003, the Conservancy is located within the village of Matipwilli, adjoining Saadani National Park to the north east, with the perennial Wami River as its southern boundary. Here, the multiple habitats and diverse abundance of tree and shrub species attract a large variety of wildlife. Having a long established history of protecting the area from unsustainable exploitation, the conservancy strives to work hand in hand with the local communities, engaging locals in this socially and environmentally responsible project that helps to protect the area and bring money and resources directly back to the communities.

Being a forestation project with a smaller acreage and budget, Kisampa Conservancy chose OFP because it allows for them to register and validate forest resources in a cost-effective way.

Open Forest Protocol offers a solution for small-scale forest projects by providing simple, cutting edge technology for registering and validating forest resources that can be easily implemented in small communities. Kisampa Conservancy is proud to be a foundation member and to assist in the development of the technology.

- Kisampa Conservancy on joining the OFP network

Additionally, the Conservancy’s emphasis on community and empowerment resonates with OFP, which allows the forest operators themselves to have direct access to the MRV technology and enables them to prove provenance over their own data.

As one of the founding members of the OFP forest network, the Kisampa Conservancy will contribute to product testing and help raise awareness on OFP for other organizations looking to do the same with their forest resources.

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Blockchain platform for next generation forest projects. Transparently measure, report, and verify the entire life cycle of trees.

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Open Forest Protocol

Open Forest Protocol

Blockchain platform for next generation forest projects. Transparently measure, report, and verify the entire life cycle of trees.

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