Green Embassy in Kenya to Monitor 50,000 ha using OFP

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2 min readMar 29, 2022

Green Embassy is an environmental consortium in Kenya seeking to empower youths to serve their communities through sustainable environmental management. The organization was founded back in 2019 by Raychelle, a then second-year student at Egerton University with a passion for ecological conservation who was inspired by similar social movements in the past. From its infancy, the firm has since grown to have 5 full-time staff and 45 registered members. Communal environmental conservation activities include directly engaging in forestation activities, creating public awareness of environmental change, and supporting public ecological conservation policies.

Thanks to its consistent efforts in the environmental space over the years, Green Embassy has secured partnerships with landowners to engage in forestation activities to conserve the environment. Through these partnerships, the firm controls over 50,000 hectares of land in Kenya. The manifold benefits of a forest of this size are difficult to quantify using the traditional system. Noticing this gap between real and measurable value, the organization has opted to join OFP as a project operator to benefit from our Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation resources. Using OFP, the firm will be able to transparently communicate its forest operations over the lifetime of their project. The benefits from this include improved credibility in the eyes of the public and a boost in investor confidence. As the benefits spread out, the same will spur more actions toward eco-friendliness in line with the vision of Green Embassy.

“Show its worth and save the Earth”- Raychelle, Founder of Green Embassy

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