Globally Accredited Carbon Check India Joins the OFP Validator Network

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2 min readMar 9, 2022

Carbon Check India Private Limited (CCIPL) is a global validation, verification, and certification body headquartered in India. It offers a wide range of third-party assurance services, including validation, verification, and certification of climate change mitigation projects worldwide. CCIPL is accredited by global certification bodies and standards, namely UNFCCC, VERRA, Gold Standard, Global Carbon Council, Plan Vivo, NABCB, ISO, CERCABONO, and ProClima. Run by a team of highly competent professionals in renewable energy, energy efficiency, manufacturing & chemical industry, mining, and Oil & Gas, Waste, agriculture and forestry sectors. From its early beginnings 11 years ago, CCIPL has grown to operate in 151 countries across the globe with a core staff portfolio of twenty lead employees.

As a validator in the OFP Network, CCIPL hopes to deliver more value to landowners and farmers worldwide by certifying that the generated GHG sequestered from their forest activities is correct, accurate, and consistent, increasing transparency while improving the quality of forestation projects. This objective is aligned with OFP’s vision of building a transparent, accurate, and consistent ecosystem on top of blockchain technology, where Monitoring, Reporting and Verification resources are accessible to even the smallest forest project owners. Thus, the collaboration will ensure project operators benefit from one of the best validation services while using the OFP network. Noting this potential, CCIPL notes:

“ It is a unique opportunity for us to provide robust, swift and consistent assurance services to the developers of nature based solution projects anywhere in the world through the use of blockchain technology.” CCIPL

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