Earthood Joins Open Forest Protocol to Bring World Class Carbon Auditing On-Chain

Open Forest Protocol (OFP)’s mission statement is to improve global monitoring of forestation projects by using blockchain technology. This is done by having forest project operators register their projects and upload data onto the OFP ledger for continuous monitoring and evaluation, and having trusted reporting of forestation project flow and outcome. This data is made public on the OFP Explorer and updated regularly using OFP’s field mobile app.

OFP’s project validators come in at precisely this point. Using satellite, IoT, drones, and other AI technologies, they ensure the data shared by forest project operators is legitimate. To guarantee the trustworthiness of the validation system, it is important not only to ensure that the mechanism is designed to weed out anomalies and disincentivize dishonesty, but that the quality of the validators are top tier.

This is why we at OFP are excited to present to you one of the very first companies to join our distributed validator network: Earthood. Earthood is a global carbon auditing and consultation firm, powered by veterans in the industry. Accredited by universally recognized environmental and carbon standards certifications institutions, including the UNFCCC, Gold Standard, Global Carbon Council and VERRA, Earthood brings the expertise and high standards of the traditional accreditation world on-chain.

Leading the firm is a team of GHG auditors including Dr. Kaviraj Singh, the founder; Ashok Kumar Gautam, an auditor with 20 years of industry experience; and Ricardo Lopes, the Executive Director, with 18 years experience in building a team of validators, operating in Brazil, Mexico, and Latin America. Avinash Kumar (ex SGS & ex ERM), has also joined the team as an Executive Director and is spearheading the Sustainability, Net Zero and Decarbonization strategies under a dedicated vertical for the upcoming markets. The firm’s head office is in India, with branches in Brazil, South Korea, China, and the UK.

We are excited to be on a new and innovative platform for forestry projects. We are here to make a difference — together!

- Earthood on joining OFP

Earthood’s strong focus on technology-driven solutions marries well with the operations of OFP, which rely on digital technologies for forestry data validation. The shared value of speedy and accurate auditing ensures the cooperation will produce trustworthy results that benefit all stakeholders on OFP.

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Blockchain platform for next generation forest projects. Transparently measure, report, and verify the entire life cycle of trees.

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Open Forest Protocol

Open Forest Protocol

Blockchain platform for next generation forest projects. Transparently measure, report, and verify the entire life cycle of trees.

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