April OFP Partner Roundup

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5 min readMay 1, 2022

Looking back on another successful month here at Open Forest Protocol, we have seen growth through our partnerships and community engagement: 4100+ followers on Twitter, 600+ members on Discord, and 400+ on Telegram. We welcomed new Project Operators and Validators from around the world! Four new projects and four more validators were introduced, increasing the diversity of OFP’s ever-expanding network. Diversity creates more inclusive, resilient, and globally accepted and appropriate solutions, an essential element to long term sustainable climate solutions.

From an NGO achieving 100% sustainability in India to a seed financing company that loves commercial tree planting, and a wellness center with love for the environment, get to know our new Project Operators and Validators!

Heads up: for more details on the projects and validators, head to the official website pages!


Natural Green Farmtech

From a tree nursery startup in 2015, Natural Green has blossomed into a sustainable seed financing company that offers extension services and seed financing to farmers in Uganda and Kenya. In addition, the company plants and manages commercial trees. Natural Green will be using OFP’s MRV to improve the measuring, reporting and verification of their commercial tree plantations.


Green Balam Forests

Green Balam is a conservation company in Guatemala that uses assisted natural regeneration to boost ecosystem sustainability while promoting forest restoration as an effective and more efficient alternative to agriculture-induced deforestation caused by agribusiness. Looking to expand into the carbon credit market, Green Balam will need OFP’s MRV system to assess and store information about its projects on the blockchain. Initially, the company will use OFP’s resources on 500 Ha of forest land.


Biotasoil Foundation

Committed to using nature-based solutions for ecosystem restoration, Biotasoil is an environmental NGO from India. The NGO uses Miyawaki forestation and silviculture plantation methods to achieve scalable and eco-friendly goals, and strike a nice balance between human wellbeing and biodiversity. Biotasoil has been able to achieve 100% sustainability on its tree-planting projects and is successfully addressing urban waste management issues such as air quality and waste disposal. Biotasoil plans to monitor 0.023 Ha of forest land using OFP’s MRV platform.

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A wellness and private reserve centre founded in 2002, Buenaventura is not only committed to the health and wellbeing of humans but also that of the environment. Community members and a team of tour guides help guests and investors not only feel good about their bodies but also about themselves by contributing to the wellness of the ecosystem through forest conservation. OFP’s MRV resources will help Buenaventura maintain a consistent, open and easily accessible database of their forestation activities for investors.




Based in Kenya and driven by real-world applications of Web3, Shamba is a geospatial and information technology company that uses cutting-edge analytics and satellite data to build climate-centric decentralized applications. The first company to launch a specialized geospatial oracle on the Chainlink network, Shamba will use its expertise to provide advanced and practical validation methods for OFP’s project operators.



Athena is an environmental organisation that uses end-to-end data collection to accelerate the development and adoption of sustainable technologies by backing Environmental Social Governance (ESG) assets such as responsible development of ReFi markets, and the equitable exchange of interoperable environmental data. Athena will seek to uphold the verifiability of real-world data used to back assets produced by OFP. In addition, Athena will implement credentialled data collection and verification methodologies and ensure the interoperability of projects on OFP.



Founded by the team behind the climate risk solutions platform, Arbol, dClimate is a transparent, decentralized open-source blockchain-based network and marketplace that allows participants to buy and share climate information and contribute to an open ecosystem of data-driven climate resilience applications.


C3 Inteligencia Ambiental

Dedicated to adding value to the conservation work of small landowners in Brazil, Inteligencia Ambiental is a remote sensing and environmental conservation organization engaged in native forest preservation, regeneration, and sustainable ecosystem management in Brazil. Sharing similar visions and solutions for carbon markets- the necessity of accurate measuring, monitoring and verification to reach global climate change targets and the potential of Web3, Intelligencia and OFP have found common ground for collaboration.


Check back in next month for our new incoming May Project Operators and Validators! In the meantime, connect with us online:

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